The roots run deep and the pride burns strong. Bali-Song and the butterfly are as much a part of Benchmade as the name itself. As an art form, steel blades move freely through a rhythmic motion of human manipulation. As a cutting tool, it’s the convenience of a folder with the dynamics of a fixed blade. Either way, unless it has the signature butterfly on the blade— it isn’t a real Bali-Song. If you need a bali-song to train with you can't do any better than the Benchmade trainer. The blade is 440C stainless and blunted and all around so it wont' cut you as you swing and fling . The handles are red powder coated and feature a skeletonized frame style. The 42 trainer also has a latch to secure the knife open and closed (the latch has a spring to keep it open- it won't bump and scratch your handle while you play with it!).


Bradley Kimura III, Bradley Mayhem, Fox Breeden bali, 'klubák', 2x Benchmade BM42 a BM40T
BM62, 2x BM42 a BM40TR

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