The BlackCELL Brouse's second venture into the balisong market. Design and engineering took nearly a year many to perfect the look and feel of this Bali to achieve the best swing possible. The D2 blade rides on a bushing and washer system to provide a smooth flipping action without compromising strength. In order to reduce and balance the weight of the knife both blade and handle were strategically milled with cut the cut outs you see before you. These milled holes also give the knife a unique look and provide added grip. The BlackCELL also features titanium liners with 3D machined black G10 scales. The strategically placed pocket clip is located on the bite handle, allowing you to carry it in either pocket without the need to swap it from one side to the other. The BlackCELL is a great addition to any knife collection whether you can flip or not.


Brand (Manufacturer):   Brous Blade
Model:   BlackCell
Construction:   sandwich
Washers/IKBS:   phospor-bronze washers
Overall Length:   10.20 in (25.9 cm)
Close Lenth:   5.87 in (14.9 cm)
Weight:   4.9 oz (139 g)
Max Width:   1.14 in (2.9 cm)
Blade Material:   D2
Blade Style:   Drop Point
Blade Max Thickness:   0.150 in (3.8 mm)
Blade Length:   5.39 in (13.7 cm)
Edge Length:   4.49 in (11.4 cm)
Blade Protection:   zen pin
Handle Material:   stainless steel
Overlays:   G10
Handle Thickness:   0.51 in (1.3 cm)
Lock Type:   T-latch
Move Latch:   no
Pocket Clip:   yes
Move Pocket Clip:   no
Place of Origin:   Buellton (CA), USA
Year of the manufacturing:   2018 - 2019
Construction Evaluation:   79%
Quality Evaluation:   87%

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