Second generation od Gemini AA has Bowie Wee Hawkish Style Blade and Channel Titanium Handles. Balisong has DDR Pyramid Latch (bouncing style), Blade Bushings and Stainless Steel Clip. The latch and Clip will be removable and orient on any handle. The Clip Holes can be filled with screws. The latch can be removed for a latch-less carry and the Pin put back in. The clip can be ordered to be positioned on the knife handles where you want it.


Brand (Manufacturer):   DDR (Darrel Ralph)
Model:   Gemini-AA
Construction:   U-channel
Washers/IKBS:   phosphorus-bronze washers
Overall Length:   9.88 in (25.1 cm)
Close Lenth:   5.71 in (14.5 cm)
Weight:   4.4 oz (124 g)
Max Width:   1.02 in (2.6 cm)
Blade Material:   154CM
Blade Style:   Dhawk (Bowie Wee Hawkish)
Blade Max Thickness:   0.142 in (3.6 mm)
Blade Length:   5.12 in (13.0 cm)
Edge Length:   4.17 in (10.6 cm)
Blade Protection:   tang pins
Handle Material:   titanium 6AL-4V
Overlays:   none
Handle Thickness:   0.51 in (1.3 cm)
Lock Type:   T-latch
Move Latch:   no
Pocket Clip:   yes, stainess steel
Move Pocket Clip:   no
Place of Origin:  
Year of the manufacturing:   2018
Construction Evaluation:   94%
Quality Evaluation:   93%

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