The SpyderFly infuses traditional Balisong (or Butterfly) knife elements with innovative Spyderco features. Balis are all about swinging, sometimes called doing the dance. Eric Glesser, the designer of the SpyderFly, incorporates Spyderco’s Trademark Round Hole into both handles. The holes position the thumb and fingers (pinching either side of the handle) for superb control while indexing/rotating and enhancing fluidity of the swing. Contours and valleys lining the handle offer friction resistance keeping The Fly firmly in grip while maneuvering. A spring-loaded locking lever attaches to either handle for left- or right-hand use and locks the blade closed (but not open) for safe carry inside a pocket. Squeezing the handles together releases the lock’s lever. The blade is VG-10, that is hollow-ground and sharpened on one side only. Straight down the center of the blade, a dagger grind balances out both sides of the knife, again designed for smoother and even swinging. Manipulating the wire pocket clip to either handle or either side of the knife sets it up for a variety of carry options and draw positions. The SpyderFly links all that is utilitarian in a traditional Balisong with innovative features you’ve come to expect from Spyderco.


Brand (Manufacturer):   Spyderco
Model:   SpyderFly
Construction:   U-channel
Washers/IKBS:   washers
Overall Length:   9.84 in (25.0 cm)
Close Lenth:   6.02 in (15.3 cm)
Weight:   5.8 oz (164 g)
Max Width:   1.73 in (4.4 cm)
Blade Material:   VG-10
Blade Style:   Crowned Modified Spear Point
Blade Max Thickness:   0.126 in (3.2 mm)
Blade Length:   4.84 in (12.3 cm)
Edge Length:   3.58 in (9.1 cm)
Blade Protection:   tang pins
Handle Material:   stainless steel
Overlays:   none
Handle Thickness:   0.37 in (1.0 cm)
Lock Type:   spring latch
Move Latch:   yes
Pocket Clip:   yes (stainless steel)
Move Pocket Clip:   yes (can be attached to either side of the bite or safe handle)
Place of Origin:   Golden (CO), USA
Year of the manufacturing:   2004 - 2007
Construction Evaluation:   84%
Quality Evaluation:   70%

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