The Fly Father is a departure from traditional Protech knives, but it retains the classic blade shape of the Godfather/Godson knife and their incredible fit and finish. The blade on this knife is 154-CM steel with a stonewash finish. The handle is comprised of titanium slabs with beveled edges and grooves along the sides. The titanium frame has zen pins and barrel spacer construction while the pivot features 56 ball bearings (14 per pivot side) and set-screw pivots that allow the user to adjust the tension on the blade for smooth and precise action. The latch is quite unique and a work of art itself! It is an arc shape, which allows the blade to extend closer to the handles bottom edge when closed. It's a nice touch that makes it possible to have a longer blade than is otherwise possible. The latch also feature an integral latch stop which keeps the latch from hitting the blade, a very unique feature! Includes matching anodized pocket clip.


Brand (Manufacturer):   Pro-Tech
Model:   FlyFather
Construction:   sandwich
Washers/IKBS:   phosphorus-bronze washers
Overall Length:   9.29 in (23.6 cm)
Close Lenth:   5.28 in (13.4 cm)
Weight:   4.2 oz (118 g)
Max Width:   1.10 in (2.8 cm)
Blade Material:   154CM
Blade Style:   Stiletto
Blade Max Thickness:   0.126 in (3.2 mm)
Blade Length:   4.96 in (12.6 cm)
Edge Length:   3.94 in (10.0 cm)
Blade Protection:   zen pins
Handle Material:   blue anodization titanium 6AL-4V
Overlays:   none
Handle Thickness:   0.43 in (1.1 cm)
Lock Type:   T-latch
Move Latch:   no
Pocket Clip:   no
Move Pocket Clip:   no
Place of Origin:   Santa Fe Springs (CA), USA
Year of the manufacturing:   2011 - 2016
Construction Evaluation:   85%
Quality Evaluation:   100%

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