This ballisong was created by members of the club. He called 'Club balisong' (also Czech 'Klubák'). This Czech made butterfly knife has a RWL34 stainless steel dro point blade with stainless steel AK5.


Brand (Manufacturer):   ZdenÄ›k Ĺ tĂłr
Model:   KlubovĂ˝ balisong
Construction:   sandwich
Washers/IKBS:   nylon washers
Overall Length:   9.61 in (24.4 cm)
Close Lenth:   5.71 in (14.5 cm)
Weight:   8.1 oz (229 g)
Max Width:   1.22 in (3.1 cm)
Blade Material:   RWL34
Blade Style:   Drop Point
Blade Max Thickness:   0.157 in (4.0 mm)
Blade Length:   5.20 in (13.2 cm)
Edge Length:   3.98 in (10.1 cm)
Blade Protection:   tang pins
Handle Material:   stainless steel AK5
Overlays:   none
Handle Thickness:   0.47 in (1.2 cm)
Lock Type:   T-latch
Move Latch:   no
Pocket Clip:   no (preparation hole)
Move Pocket Clip:   no
Place of Origin:   Czech Republic (Europe)
Year of the manufacturing:   2008
Construction Evaluation:   70%
Quality Evaluation:   90%

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